What are the new features of the updated Resource List user interface?

The new Resource List user interface will be available in January 2024.

The user interface has been enhanced to simplify common tasks with a clear layout and user-friendly design. Along with the updated design, several new features have been introduced:

  • Improved formatting for public notes (bold, italic, underline and URLs).
  • List analytics can now be exported to Excel. The number of loans has been added to the list analytics.
  • Filter the list by item status (Complete or Library is processing).
  • After the list is published, any further changes will be automatically sent to the library. Previously the 'Send to Library' button had to be clicked.
  • When the library team suggests a replacement for an item on the list, you can choose whether to replace the item, decline the suggestion, or add the suggested item as an additional item.
  • Favourites (formerly My collection) now includes item availability from the brief view, add to list options from the list menu and bulk actions and the Quick Cite feature.


Answered By: Jessie Donaghey
Last Updated: Oct 31, 2023
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