Q. How do I purchase textbooks?


Before purchasing any books for your subjects, you should find out if your subject has a listed prescribed textbook. You can do this by reading your subject outline, which can be found in your subject's iLearn site, or search for your subject on the website. Even if you do have a prescribed textbook, you may want to check with your teacher if you will need to have your own copy.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Library have copies of all the textbooks?

Yes, except in exceptional circumstances the Library will have either a print or an eBook version of every textbook, or both versions in many cases. Some eBook titles have limits on the number of students that can access each title at any given time.  If you access an eBook from Library Search or your course Resource List and receive a message that all copies are in use, please try again later.

Students who are able to visit the campus can use print textbooks in the Library. Most copies of prescribed textbooks will be in the Reserve collection and can be borrowed for 3 hours at a time.

Your Lecturer may also have asked the Library to make part of your textbook available as a digital reading on your Resource List which you can access from your iLearn site. There are limits to how much of a book can be made available this way under Copyright Law.

See the Textbooks page on the Library Orientation guide for more information on accessing textbooks through the Library.


Once I know what my prescribed textbook is, how can I purchase my own copy?

We recommend searching for your textbook in Library Search, then use the "Check purchase options" link to see availability from a variety of retailers. The "Check purchase options" link can be found when you click on the title of a book in Library Search and scroll to the "Links" section towards the bottom of the page.


Can I buy my textbook from another source?

Students are of course welcome to purchase textbooks from any bookshop or other source they choose, and some titles may be cheaper from other suppliers. You may also find second hand copies of textbooks for sale. However, to ensure that you get the correct textbook and don’t pay too much, you should:

  • verify the title, author(s), and publication details
  • check the edition
  • check how much delivery will cost and how long it will take
  • look for reviews of the bookshop to ensure that other customers are satisfied with their service
  • compare the price with at least one other bookshop


Can I buy an eBook version of my textbook?

Not all textbooks are available as eBooks, but many are and they are often less expensive than the print version. The safest and most efficient way to buy an eBook is directly from the publisher’s website but there are also some reputable resellers of eBook textbooks such as VitalSource. Your Lecturer may be able to provide advice on where to buy an eBook version, or you can Ask a Librarian

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