How do I purchase textbooks?

  1. Find out if your subject has a listed prescribed textbook from the subject outline.
  2. Find the book in Library Search.
  3. Open the book record and scroll down to the "Check purchase options" link in the "Links" section towards the bottom of the page.

Can I buy my textbook from another source?

You are welcome to purchase your textbooks from any supplier. You may also find second-hand copies of textbooks for sale. However, to ensure that you get the correct textbook and don’t pay too much, you should:

  • verify the title, author(s), and publication details
  • check the edition
  • check how much delivery will cost and how long it will take
  • look for reviews of the bookshop to ensure that other customers are satisfied with their service
  • compare the price with at least one other bookshop

Can I buy an eBook version of my textbook?

Not all textbooks are available as eBooks, but many are. They are often less expensive than the print version. The safest and most efficient way to buy an eBook is directly from the publisher’s website but there are also some reputable resellers of eBook textbooks such as VitalSource

Your Lecturer may be able to provide advice on where to buy an eBook version, or you can Ask a Librarian

Answered By: Peta Hopkins
Last Updated: 12 May 2023
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